Better analytical information achieved via MECX third-party chemistry validation, data management and laboratory auditing.

Data Quality Training

MECX's staff provides training and course instruction for Data Validation and related QA courses. We provide training for data validation of EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) methods, drinking water methods and hazardous waste methods (SW846). Course attendees have included laboratory staff and consultants. Materials also provide guidance for laboratories that are integrating CLP and SW-846 methods and also for the design of laboratory data deliverables.

Environmental Forensics

MECX's environmental chemists provide technical support to environmental forensic evaluations involving source identification and allocation, timing of release. These evaluations can range from qualitative to quantitative (e.g., principal components analysis) pattern recognition methods. In addition, they can provide support to laboratories to characterize unknown materials and identify "unknown" compounds present in samples.

Expert Testimony/Litigation Support

MECX's environmental chemists provide technical expertise and litigation support for a wide range of projects. Typical examples include:

Quality Assurance
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