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Innovative Excavations:

MECX understands that rapid source area remediation can be the key to the long term effectiveness of many remediation programs. We have extensive experience in the rapid remediation of both unsaturated and saturated zone source areas. The use of oxidation technologies have been used effectively to rapidly treat saturated zone source areas while a combination of excavation and Enhance Soil Vapor Extraction (ESVE) have been successful in the soil remediation of unsaturated zone source areas. The use off innovative source area excavations has gained popularity due to the minimal impact on the facilities and the assurance that all environmental impacts have been addressed, permanently.

Engineered Excavations

Clients from the real estate industry are very concerned with losing revenue from closure of facilities during soil remediation activities. MECX has designed and developed techniques for contaminated soil excavation from beneath occupied buildings and active facilities. The largest benefits of this approach are the rapid regulatory closure and elimination of long-term liabilities on-site. The engineered approach requires three critical elements to ensure that the excavation is safe and effective with minimal delays. These elements include:

« a complete delineation of contaminants and identification of fractures and utility corridors that must be removed or supported prior to commencement of excavation activities.

« an accurate set of building and foundation design documents to ensure that the structural integrity of the systems can be maintained.

« the design of an effective shoring plan that minimizes interference with excavation activities while ensuring the integrity of the building systems and worker safety.

Delineation activities must provide a level of acceptable confidence that all required contamination will be removed during excavation activities. Iterative excavation activities can be performed; however, the expense of shoring and bracing will increase if the innovative systems need to be moved. Accurate "as-built drawings" of the utilities and foundation are desired but in there absence design drawings are critical to the safety and success of any excavation program. The final element, the shoring and bracing plan is the key element to the successful implementation of the innovative engineered excavation. MECX has developed several proprietary in-situ bracing and shoring systems that are installed through borings prior to commencing excavation activities. This has enabled MECX to perform over 30 excavations under active buildings with minimal impacts to current operations.

MECX has completed engineered environmental excavations for a wide range of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and metals. In addition, excavations have been conducted to a depth of 35 feet below grade within buildings and in areas requiring well points due to shallow water tables.



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